chimit 2010          san jose, ca              nov 12-13


There are four categories of submissions (click for more info):

  1. Papers & Short Papers

  2. Posters

  3. Courses

  4. Presentations


For the first time, CHIMIT 2010 is soliciting proposals for courses of interest to the HCI and IT Management community. Do you have expertise in some area of IT or research methods that Symposium attendees would benefit from learning about? Courses will be offered as an optional part of the Symposium program.

Preparation Guidelines

Please consider the following guidelines for a successful course submission:

  1. State the course topic and it's relevance to HCI and IT Management clearly and explicitly.

  2. Describe the instructor(s) of the course, their expertise, and a general outline of the topics covered.

  3. Features: A bulleted list of the educational goals and/or major elements of the Course content.

  4. Audience: Describe any background required to understand the Course, including attendance at any other course in the program if that is a requirement. State the disciplines and/or organizational roles of attendees who would be interested in your Course.

  5. Presentation: List the various presentation forms used in the Course, for example, lectures, demonstration, exercises, videos, group discussions, and/or case studies.


Course submissions should be e-mailed to the Program Chairs no later than 5:00 pm Pacific Time on August 7, 2010 in PDF format. Submissions received after this date/time will not be considered.

Authors will be notified on August 30, 2010.