chimit 2010          san jose, ca              nov 12-13


Business, people, and technology:  When we put them together,

What works?  What doesn’t?  What explodes?

ACM CHIMIT '10 - Computer-Human Interaction for Management of Information Technology

November 12-13, 2010, San Jose, CA (co-located with USENIX LISA, in San Jose)

IT management is hard – in the enterprise, in small business, and

even in the home.  Let’s make it better. 

Since 2007, CHIMIT has been the leading forum for discussing topics on IT management with a focus on people, business, and technology.  At CHIMIT, researchers and practitioners trade stories, share battle wounds, and sometimes join forces for good… or at least join forces to commiserate and help solve each other’s problems.  The conference provides a unique opportunity to discuss issues, solutions, and research drawing upon fields such as human-computer interaction, human factors, collaborative work, computer systems, and management and service sciences to address cognitive, social, and technical issues in managing the increasing complexity of modern Information Technology (IT) systems.

As we all know, IT is central to modern life.  We are at a turning point where further advances in technology and business efficiency and growth require fundamentally new approaches to IT system design, management, and services.  This is where you come in.  Experiences, hazards, and lessons learned in the trenches can educate fellow professionals and direct research, highlighting problems that are important to solve now.  And with this specialized conference held in the heart of Silicon Valley, you’ll be brainstorming and networking with leading experts and researchers.

CHIMIT is an ACM-sponsored conference, and accepted Paper and Short Paper submissions will be archived in the ACM Digital Library.  We are also soliciting submissions for Panels, Courses, and non-archival Experience Reports and Posters for work in progress.  Topics include (but are definitely not limited to):

  1. User Studies of IT infrastructure management in context, exposing user needs, pain points, work practices, and examples of both successful and unsuccessful work.

  2. Design - approaches to bring about improved, human-centered IT systems.

  3. Experimental Studies on the usage of new or existing IT systems.

  4. Tools and Techniques for improved administration, e.g., visualizations of system behavior, or collaborative interfaces.

  5. Automation approaches to reduce administration workload or improve productivity.

  6. Computer supported cooperative work – how do those who manage an organization’s IT interact with the users they support, their technical community, and other stakeholders?

  7. Organizational Knowledge - how can shared knowledge improve IT management.

  8. Processes and Practices - examples of best practices and improved processes in IT management.

  9. New Technologies - how will the changing technological landscape (e.g., Cloud Computing, pervasive mobile devices, etc.) affect IT management?

  10. IT Beyond the Enterprise - what are the implications now that we're doing backups, network configuration, etc. in the home?

Submission Dates:

July 3, 2010:   Papers and Short Papers Due

August 7, 2010:   Panels, Courses and Experience Report proposals Due

August 30, 2010:   Selections announced

September 10, 2010:   Posters Due